Adding a Third Apartment affords room to UNWIND


Adding a 3rd apartment afforded this family the opportunity to enlarge existing spaces and add amenities.

Completed over the course of 2 years and in 3 distinct phases, this combination incorporated structural modifications and major renovations to realize the 6400sf, 4 level home. The primary floor includes the kitchen, dining, and living spaces as well as an office/den, guest suite, and home gym. 

Our custom cabinetry walls establish the scale and aesthetic tone of the overall design, incorporating functionality while maximizing clean, unencumbered loft space. A generous two-story opening capitalizes on the building’s angular structural grid to dramatize the gestural stair leading up into the childrens’ level.

With massive arched windows, industrial remnants and a park front location this home is the epitome of grand New York loft living.